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We specialize in highlighting the CULTURE of YOUR business’ products and services for an end product that is sure to catch the eye. Through implementing unique storytelling, OIT provides the opportunity for your business to reach more of your targeted market. Let us help amplify you!


Capturing every emotion from that special day; bringing memories to life! If you are preparing for a wedding, vow renewal, baptism, community gathering, birthday or any special moment, OIT has you covered. We have the skill sets to preserve the emotions of your day in a way that your event will be remembered in its best light. 

Real Estate

Calling all home owners and real estate brokers! If you’re planning to put a home on the market let us highlight the most note worthy features of the premises. Federally licensed with the FAA, we are educated and experienced in aerial imagery to give buyers a beautiful birds-eye-view of your property. 

About Us

A Native of Newburgh, New York, the eldest of four and lover of fast cars, Scott is as curious as George finding happiness in learning random facts about any and everything. When not busy with work, Scott can be found cruising the backroads, on the pitch playing soccer, golfing, grilling, shooting pool and working with children.

As the founder of On-In-Two Productions, Scott’s motivation to create something of his own is to have the financial ability to do good for the community. His goal includes starting a foundation for children with disabilities and their siblings. It is of utmost importance for him to give back to those in need who yearn for a comfortable environment while sharing episodes of heightened joy.

Scott’s journey through self teachings and involved mentorship has provided the knowledge necessary to produce videos of the highest quality while maintaining a professional yet casual working environment. He embodies a true empath and utilizes this connect with each and every client on a deeper level. Scott won’t compromise when it comes to lasting relationships. This is On-In-Two Productions; Above the Bar and Under Par. Yes, they golf!

Scott Keefer

Kenneth Keske

Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, Ken later moved to Charlotte NC to attend NASCAR Technical Institute in 2003. After many years of building race cars, he took a management position in a manufacturing facility just outside uptown Charlotte. During that time, Ken recognized his unique gift of empathy and connection to the world, and wanted to further my knowledge of people. He first achieved his undergraduate degree in business management from Western Governors University, then later attended the University of Delaware, where Ken obtained an MBA with a focus in International Business. During Ken’s studies he became fascinated with the idea of the fourth industrial revolution, the digital era, and the unique opportunity it presented; abilities as a human race to become either a utopia or a dystopia. Information can now be instantly communicated globally, creating a free sharing of ideas and ideals universally.


When Ken met Scott and saw his ability to capture people’s emotion through artistic expression, he knew they had to enter into business together. OIT Productions has become Ken’s passion project, a way to help individuals display their love and abilities with current and potential clientele. 

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