Our Stories


Scott Keefer


A native of Newburgh, New York, the eldest of four and lover of fast cars, Scott is as curious as George finding happiness in learning random facts about any and everything. When not busy with work, Scott can be found cruising the backroads, on the pitch playing soccer, golfing, grilling, shooting pool and working with children.
As the founder of On-In-Two Productions, Scott’s motivation to create something of his own is to have the financial ability to do good for the community. His goal includes starting a foundation for children with disabilities and their siblings. It is of utmost importance for him to give back to those in need who yearn for a comfortable environment while sharing episodes of heightened joy.
Scott’s journey through self teachings and involved mentorship have provided the knowledge necessary to produce videos of the highest quality while maintaining a professional yet casual working environment. He embodies a true empath and utilizes this to connect with each and every client on a deeper level. Scott won’t compromise when it comes to lasting relationships. This is On-In-Two Productions; Lets magnify your vision together!